Where Conflict Gets Resolved

Where Conflict Gets Resolved - Fusion Polyamory Blog

Let’s not mince words; when we say conflict, we’re really talking about jealousy, right? His jealousy could be considered justified from a conventional perspective. Look at what we’re suggesting in a Fusion Polyamorous relationship. You, the woman, get to be with and have sex with whomever you choose, while he remains emotionally and physically monogamous. … Read more

Am I Selfish for Wanting More?

So you love him, we get it. In the society we are living in today, is it even taboo to talk about love! We are all so caught up with work, growth, and internet gurus that talking about love gets more uncomfortable. Still, we do. We love, and that is how it’s supposed to be. … Read more

The Female-Led Poly-Relationship

Loving multiple people simultaneously doesn’t make anyone a cheater unless the person feels like they have no other option. Most monogamous marriages end because of infidelity. Imagine if all those people have been introduced to a form of relationship that wouldn’t have forced them to cheat because there is multiple love involved, and everybody knows … Read more